The turbo for hybrid fans.
Introducing the new 2013 Jetta Hybrid.
The worlds first turbocharged hybrid
thats also a Jetta.
Sure, there are other hybrids out there. If you drive slowly, you can usually
find them. But there are no other turbocharged hybrids, and there certainly
arent any that feel this good behind the wheel. Thats because we took
the Jetta, with its best-in-class rear legroom* and sleek style, and added
a unique hybrid powertrain and aerodynamic body accents, including
special tires, windproof wheels, and virtually invisible exhaust. We could
have made it look like the other hybrids on the road. But then it wouldnt
be a Volkswagen. Thats the Power of German Engineering.
The touchscreen sound system comes with an
Think Blue® is the Volkswagen way to drive
onscreen display of hybrid system information
progress by creating and producing cars that
that allows you to monitor your energy usage,
are more efficient, environmentally sound,
driving range, and battery percentage. So you
and fun to drive. Each Jetta Hybrid is designed
can help maximize your power and minimize
around BlueMotion® technologies that make it
your trips to the pump.
as blue as possible. Which is likely to make other
car companies green with envy. Learn more at

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