volvo S60
Theres more to you than a new
car. Theres the courage to dare.
Theres the curiosity to explore.
Theres the thirst for passion and
the hunger for excitement. Theres
the hunt for experiences that are
unique and for emotions that take
you to thrilling places. Thats what
the stunning Volvo S60 does.
Thats why you drive one.
Sexy. Volvo. Same sentence.
Introducing the first Volvo to freely inspire the use of adjectives and superlatives
rarely mentioned by those not on the payroll. A masterwork of automotive design,
Volvo S60 is so beautiful that we suppose pedestrians could be stunned when
they first see it. So we invented a safety system for them - a world first. But
make no mistake. This is a drivers car. It moves like no Volvo before. Too sexy
to be the safest car ever? We can live with that.
A first-class tribute to punctuality.
The advanced chassis developed for the Volvo S60 makes clear that this is no ordinary Volvo. Utilizing
innovative new technology, we have further refined Volvos Stability-enhancing DSTC system to help drivers
better realize their intentions - with more assertion, efficiency and dare we say, more pure driving enjoyment.
For example, the Advanced Stability Control feature monitors the cars behavior with high precision -
making micro-adjustments with maximum speed - to further enhance stability in sharp curves and with
rapid lateral movements. Corner Traction Control through torque vectoring also helps your car pivot around
bends with more grace by braking the inner wheel and redistributing engine torque to the outside wheel.
It also improves acceleration when turning onto a road with faster traffic. And if you want even more
driving dynamics, just activate the DSTC Sport Mode via Volvo Sensus and anti-skid becomes pro-fun.
Engineered into every Volvo is the power to avoid trouble and the structure to
minimize harm. The engine in your Volvo is also an excellent representative of this
philosophy. Fact is, every Volvo engine is built to do more with less: respond instantly,
with plenty of torque, throughout its entire rev range and do so using less fuel.
The Volvo S60 offers you three engine choices. In the T5, the powerfully efficient
2.5 liter five-cylinder turbocharged engine provides 250 horsepower, 266 ft/lb of
torque (plus a maximum over-boost to 295 ft-lb). The 3.0 liter twin-scroll turbo-
charged engine in the T6, provides a fuel efficient 300 horsepower, 325 ft/lb of
torque and for the ultimate Swedish performance experience - choose the iconic
S60 T6 R-DESIGN tuned by Polestar Racing to deliver a stunning 325 hp and 354 lb/
ft torque.
Now, with the T5 AWD model, All Wheel Drive is available on every S60*. Utilizing an
electronically controlled AWD system from Haldex, the S60 now has the traction
abilities to take on all variations of road and weather conditions. And on dry roads,
the tractive abilities and precision handling from the AWD system help to lessen
over-steer and under-steer conditions so you can enjoy the total driving experience.
Even the Volvo K-PAX racing team believes AWD delivers an edge on the race track,
particularly when it rains.
* Standard on T5 AWD, T6 and T6 R-DESIGN
Driver-focused design.
Road-focused driver.
All-systems go.
The Volvo S60 makes no apologies for this drivers-oriented interior. The
standard sport seats come with extra lateral-g support. In addition, the center
console is angled to favor the drivers side and features the new driver control
interface - Volvo Sensus. This intuitive computer command system uses a 7"
hi-resolution color monitor and a scroll wheel selector on the steering wheel
to make it easy to personalize settings and get the most from all of your
on-board technology.
My S60
Distance Alert
7 Imagine
8 Spectacle sound
9 Deluxe surroundings
C ty Safety
Dr ve Ale t
10 Last look at Eden
Co ision Wa n ng
11 Entertainment
Lane Departure Warn ng
12 Can only be one
Provides time interval
Reduced guard
13 Everyone aboard
information to vehicle
Active bend ng l ghts
14 For your passengers
ux ary light
Personal settings
Innovative safety from the people
who wrote the book.
Its no secret. Volvo makes its cars safer with innovations that lead the car industry. City Safety - standard in the S60
- is one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in collision avoidance and another Volvo world first.
But no matter how many safety innovations and patents we have, the most important safety feature in any car is the
driver, a well-informed driver. Thats why Volvo has developed the Technology Package.
These innovative driver support systems engage, inform and involve drivers in a driving experience few would have
thought possible 85 years ago - if it wasnt for our heritage of doing just that. Maybe thats why a well-informed driver
drives a Volvo. To see this supportive technology in action, please visit
Not the first Swedish beauty
that likes to avoid people.
But certainly the first car
that can.
It is not likely, yet still possible, for a pedestrian to ignore your
beautiful Volvo S60 and step into your path. Fortunately, the
worlds first pedestrian-avoidance technology is available now.
Using a digital camera and radar to constantly scan the road
ahead, shapes identified as people at risk will trigger a warning.
More importantly, the system will employ full brake force to stop
your vehicle - if you dont. Our experts call it Pedestrian
Detection with Full Auto brake*, but you can simply call it
another Volvo safety world first.
* Included in the optional Technology Package
Technology we love:
Radar-guided brakes that
help you go faster.
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with queue assist*, goes beyond
the basic accelerator management of ordinary cruise control
by working with the advanced braking system. The interaction
between your cars stop-quicker and go-faster functions
managed by ACC - and informed by continuous input from
its camera and radar scouts on point - helps you maintain a
comfortable speed and a safe distance from vehicles ahead.
And thats at any speed - whether in heavy traffic queues or
at open-road speeds (0-124 mph). Having this additional
functionality can help save you from the most boring parts
of any journey. In this way, you can just sail through traffic.
* Included in the optional Technology Package
What we know:
A rear-end collision is not the best
way to meet people.
With a goal to automatically eliminate the most common (and embarrassing) type
of accident - the low-speed (below 31 mph) rear-end collision - Volvo created
City Safety. This remarkable collision avoidance and mitigation technology
- standard with the Volvo S60 - uses a closing-velocity laser sensor that tracks
the car immediately ahead of you and constantly calculates how much braking
force is needed to come to a full-stop before meeting them unintentionally.
If the system senses an imminent exchange of personal information and insurance
forms, it will automatically brake. Clearly, this technology can save you from more
than embarrassment.
Professional driver.
Favorite track.
Testing Premium Sound System.
Every component of the Volvo S60 is thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards,
with no detail is too small to perfect. For example, even the 650-watt Premium Sound
system* - with MultEQ XT anti-distortion technology from Audyssey Labratories, Class D
digital amplification, 12 high-output speakers, a standard multi media DVD player and a
high resolution 7" color screen - is tested to the limits to deliver inspiring performance. The
Volvo S60 is one of a selected number of vehicles that offer such innovative technology
for the sound system. MultEQ XT removes distortion caused by the cars cabin acoustics
and provides crisp clear sound.
* Included in the Platinum trim level
Beautiful escape.
Safe return.
Repeat as needed.
As fun as the Volvo S60 is to drive, there are times when youll have to park
it. And leave it. One last glance over the shoulder offers some comfort, but
having the right technology in hand could provide more security. Specifically,
we recommend carrying an intelligent key fob, Volvos Keyless Drive with
Personal Car Communicator (PCC)*. With it, you can check the security
status of your car from a distance and upon return, your Volvo lets you
unlock doors with a grasp of a handle and start your car without a key in
hand - its enough to have the key in your pocket or handbag.
* Included in T5 Premier trim level, standard T6 and R-DESIGN
Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist automatically
maintains your set speed and distance to the vehicle ahead of
you - whether youre driving on the highway or in slow moving
stop and go traffic. Included in the optional Technology Package.
Innovated for your enjoyment,
the Volvo safety technologies will
protect more than the fun of driving.
Across the world, Volvo equals safety. And that comes with good reason, because few
carmakers can match our record of safety innovations and the commitment for safety that has
guided us for more than 85 years. Of course, this makes us extremely proud. But were not
satisfied. Because we know what we want to achieve: zero accidents. This vision calls for
innovative thinking and a brand new approach to the way we design cars. Good news is weve
already come a long way. For starters, our cars are more fun and engaging to drive than ever
(because a bored driver will never be a safe driver). Neither is the technology needed any
figment of the imagination - some are already available. This means driving a Volvo today is
like having a first peek at a very exciting automotive future - a future where passionate
engineering and design do more to help you get the most out of life.
Rear Park Assist Camera
Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake
Road sign update
The Rear Park Assist Camera lets you know whats
Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and Queue Assist warns if
The Road Sign Information (RSI) displays speed
going on behind your car when reversing. Included
youre too close too a vehicle in front - at all speeds - and brakes
limit signs in the driver information module to help
in the T5, T6 and R-Design Platinum trim level.
the car automatically if a collision is imminent. Included in the
keep you constantly updated on current limitations.
optional Technology Package.
Included in the optional Technology Package.
Blind Spot Information System
Lane Departure Warning
Dynamic Stability
The optional Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW) warns you if you
Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) improves handling,
helps you detect vehicles entering your blind spot.
begin to drift between the lanes. Included in the
safety and fun in a wide range of challenging situations.
optional Technology Package.
Driver Alert
Driver Alert Control (DAC) alerts you if you begin to
lose concentration and need a break. Included in the
optional Technology Package.
On-road enlightenment
Active Dual Xenon headlamps expands your vision range when driving in the dark
and provides considerably improved illumination around bends. With Active High
Beam (AHB)*, your Volvo will recognize the headlight beam of on-coming vehicles
and automatically adapt your beam to give you maximum vision without dazzling
other drivers. Active Dual Xenon headlights with ABL are included in the T5 and
T6 Premier Plus and Platinum trim levels, standard on R-DESIGN.
* Included in the optional Technology Package
Pedestrian detection with Full Auto Brake
City Safety
Using radar and camera technology, this worlds first
City Safety - the worlds first standard-fitted collision
Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake can also detect
avoidance and mitigation technology - brakes your car
pedestrians in front of your car and brake automatically if
automatically if youre about to run into a slower moving
needed. Included in the optional Technology Package.
or standstill vehicle at speeds up to 31 mph.
85% recyclable.
To help minimize its total environmental impact,
every Volvo is designed to facilitate recovery
and recycling at the end of its useful life.
Designed to catch the light brilliantly,
this car also reflects a promise.
Thankfully, the automotive industry is moving away from fantasyland to the real world. Our
journey towards a better environment started already in the early 70s. Then we were among
the first carmakers to acknowledge the environmental downside of cars and to do something
about it. Since then we are constantly innovating to reduce the environmental impact of the
cars and how we make them.
Were introducing new technology such as plug-in hybrid vehicles that will further reduce
CO2 emissions and can be charged from a standard wall socket. And were heavily engaged
in the development of electrical vehicles - a technology that will dramatically reduce the
environmental footprint of our cars and make them even more fun to drive.
Cleaner exhaust.
Good for you, and for the world we share.
Fast responding after a cold start, Volvos advanced
emission control eliminates between 95 and 99% of
carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides
from petrol engine exhaust gases. All engines comply
with stringent emission requirements.
Fuel-saving design.
Clean colors.
To reduce energy-losses from wind and roll resistance,
To reduce usage of environmentally hazardous solvents,
we utilize advanced aerodynamic design, light-weight
all Volvo exterior colors are water-based. Whats more, our
materials and low friction technology. Together with
painting facilities are among the cleanest in the world.
state-of-the-art engine technology, this lowers your
Safer interior materials.
CO2 emissions and helps you travel further on fuel.
All our upholsteries and interior textiles are tested for
certain allergy-inducing or harmful substances. And
several interior metal details are tested with regard to
contact allergies. Good for you, and for anyone who
shares your ride.
Fresh cabin air.
Continuously monitoring incoming air and shutting out
carbon monoxide, ground-level ozone and nitrogen
dioxide, Volvos available Interior Air Quality System helps
ensure that the air you breathe in the car is cleaner than
that outside when driving in heavy city traffic.
Minimum drag.
Brake for energy.
Born in Volvos state-of-the-art wind tunnel, the S60
Everytime you brake, the battery is fed with extra
cuts flawlessly through air. For example, flat under
power. Smart and fuel-saving.
body panels allow the air to flow more freely and
contribute to lower fuel consumption.
Want a dynamic touch?
Be one with your S60. Your body is held firmly yet comfortably in place by the Beechwood
leather sports seats. The leather-clad sport steering wheel with Silk Metal inlay and leather-
clad gear-knob are moulded to fit in your hands. The watch-dial gauges give you instant and
vital information. Shimmer Graphite aluminum center stack adds to a distinctive air of sportiness.
So if stylish and sporty looks set your pulse racing, this may be the Volvo S60 for you.
Here shown as a T6 AWD in Black Stone with standard Sleipner 18" aluminum wheels and
accessory rear spoiler.
Soothe your senses surrounded by meticulously crafted sports seats upholstered in Soft Beige
leather. State-of the-art technology is within easy reach in the center stack, featuring authentic
Urbane Wood for an unmistakable Scandinavian flair. Elegant from inside and out, this Volvo S60
T5 is painted in Flamenco Red Metallic and features optional Njord 17" aluminum wheels.
Introducing the most powerful
production Volvo ever.
Choose the Volvo S60 T6 R-DESIGN and receive a first class attitude adjustment.
The advantage begins with interior and exterior styling that distinguishes all R-DESIGNS.
Inside, R-DESIGN treatment surrounds the occupants in specially designed sport
seats, upholstery and special accents - like the iconic blue watch dial instrument
cluster. Aggressive front bumper and lower air intake, wheels and rear styling
elements will ensure this Volvo means business.
The advantage accelerates, quite literally, with an increase of engine power to
325 hp and 354 lb/ft of torque utilizing Polestar engine performance tuning. Polestar
Racing, a Swedish motorsport and performance products firm, has a long-standing
racing partnership with Volvo. The result of this collaboration - an R-DESIGN with
faster acceleration from the most powerful production Volvo ever.
And its in the turns where the advanced Sport Chassis really makes a difference.
Volvo engineers developed a unique suspension with damping, springs and anti-roll
bars that are specifically tuned for quicker response and road hugging control. In
addition, larger front rotors contribute to better brake performance. Dynamically
expressive, the Sport Chassis amplifies the swift agility and complete control of
the R-DESIGN to your advantage.
More Power. More Performance. More R-DESIGN.
The S60 T6 R-DESIGN dials up the physical and emotional dynamics beautifully. Outstanding R-DESIGN
There are times in life
elements include the 18" IXION Diamond cut aluminum wheels, specially designed and stitched R-DESIGN
sport seats, and an exclusive leather-clad, 3-spoke steering wheel with an R-DESIGN logo. Blue watch-dial
when you have to turn
accents also give you a pleasant reminder that youre driving something special every time you check the
up the volume.
speedometer and rev counter.
Sport gearshift knob
R-DESIGN upholstery
Sport floor mats
Perforated leather and unique stitching gives the R-DESIGN
Enjoy the unique Offblack leather upholstered seats with
Exclusive, hand-tufted sport mats with accent ribbing provide
gearshift knob a performance-ready look and feel.
contrast stitching. (3Z21)
a stylish welcome.
Sport pedals
R-DESIGN aluminum inlay
Racetrack-inspired to enhance the driving experience
The center stacks aluminum inlay conveys a contemporary
- enjoy the feel of these ridged sport pedals.
feel, enhances the overall modern Scandinavian design and
sets the tone for sports.
Standard features
Complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance for 5 years, 50,000 miles
Leather gear shift knob
Leather seating surfaces
3 step airbag, drivers/passenger side
Manually adjustable passengers seat, 4 way with foldable backrest
City Safety
Pollen filter
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
Private locking, trunk
Emergency brake light, extended light area
R-DESIGN steering wheel
High positioned rear brake lights
Rear armrest with cupholders and storage
Headlight washers
Shimmer Graphite aluminum inlays
Height adjusted front seat belts
Sirius Satellite radio includes 6 month subscription
Inflatable curtains (IC)
Sport leather steering wheel, with Silk Metal inlays, 3 spoke
Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS)
Sport Seating
Isofix - outer position rear seat
Storage in front of the center console
Passenger airbag
T-Tec Textile seating surfaces with sport seats
Pyrotechnical pretensioners, all seating
Trip computer, extended with speed display
Rain Sensor
Trunk entrapment release
Rear belt detection, left, right & middle belts
USB & IPOD® Connection
Seat belt reminder
Volvo Sensus with 7 inch high resolution color screen
SIPS airbags
Watch dial instrumentation
Whiplash Protection System front seats (WHIPS)
17" Balder Alloy Wheels
8-way power seat driver with 3 position memory for seat
18" Ixion Alloy Wheels
and exterior mirrors
18 Sleipner Alloy Wheels
60/40 split folding rear seat
250 hp turbocharged 5 cyl engine
300 hp turbochaged 6 cyl engine
Approach light
325 hp turbochaged 6 cyl engine
Audio controls in steering wheel
6-speed Geartronic Automatic transmission with Sport Mode
Auto up/down power windows, all doors
Active Dual Xenon headlamps
Automatically dimmed inner mirror + digital compass
Advanced Stability Control
Auxiliary audio input (AUX connector)
Antilock Brake System (ABS)
Bluetooth® handsfree and streaming audio
AWD with Instant Traction
Electrical heated rear window
Bright work decor, front spoiler
Electrically folding rear headrests
Brightwork on side windows, upper + lower
Electronic Climate Control (ECC)
Corner Traction Control through Torque Vectoring
Flat folding front passenger seat
Day running lights (dimmed dipped headlights)
Front cupholders in tunnel console
Dynamic Chassis
HD Radio
Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC) with sport-mode
Height/length adjustable steering wheel
Electrical parking brake with drive away release
High Performance Audio System
Halogen head lights
Home safe lightning
Heated and electrical adjustable outer mirrors
Keyless Drive Personal Car Communicator
Illuminated vanity mirrors
LED tail lamps
Key integrated remote control, central locking
individual OPTIONS
Polished tailpipes
18" Ixion Alloys with Performance Summer Tires
Puddle light
18" Sleipner Alloy wheels
Rear foglight auto-off
17" Njord alloy wheel (no charge option T6)
AWD with Instant Traction
Sport chassis
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)
Four-C Active chassis
Touring chassis
Front/Rear Park Assist
The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks
Heated Rear Seats (requires Climate Package)
by Volvo Car Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their
respective owners.
Metallic paint
Urbane wood inlays
= Standard
= Option T = Trim Level N/A = Not available
S60 Trim level:
premier plus
(T5 only, standard T6 and R-DESIGN)
Active Dual Xenon Headlights
Navigation System with Voice Control and Map Care
Power Glass Moonroof
Park Assist, Front & Rear
Volvo Premium Sound System
Leather Seating Surfaces
HomeLink Integrated Garage Door Opener
Rear Park Camera
Power Passenger Seat
Digital Compass
Active Dual Xenon Headlights
Keyless Drive with Personal Car Communicator
Power Glass Moonroof
Park Assist, Front & Rear
Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
Leather Seating Surfaces
HomeLink Integrated Garage Door Opener
Accessory Prep Cable
Power Passenger Seat
Digital Compass
Keyless Drive with Personal Car Communicator
Power Glass Moonroof
Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
Leather Seating Surfaces
Accessory Prep Cable (T6 only)
Power Passenger Seat
Keyless Drive with Personal Car Communicator
Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
optional Packages:
Climate Package
Technology package
Heated front seats
Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist
Heated windshield washer nozzles
Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake
IAQS (Interior Air Quality System)
Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake
Lane Departure Warning
Driver Alert Control
Distance Alert Driver Alert Control
Active High Beam
Road Sign Information
619 Rebel Blue
498 Caspian Blue metallic
487 Ember Black metallic
(only available for R-DESIGN)
492 Savile Grey metallic
452 Black Sapphire Metallic
019 Black Stone
(also available for R-DESIGN)
(only available for R-DESIGN)
Color your Volvo.
When it comes to the appearance of your Volvo, the choices of exterior color, wheels and
other styling items are probably your most important design decisions. For more exterior
styling options and to build your new Volvo online, please visit
Please note: Its not possible to reproduce
exact original shades in printed matter.
Please ask your dealer to show you samples.
614 Ice White
477 Electric Silver Metallic
(also available for R-DESIGN)
(also available for R-DESIGN)
612 Passion Red
702 Flamenco Red metallic
704 Vibrant Copper metallic
(only available for R-DESIGN)
Its up to you. Add the Sport Appearance Package and any preconceptions
The exterior styling accessories includes a Sport Front Bumper accent,
about what defines pure passion are upgraded here. More assertive than
a Sport Rear Bumper accent with dual tail pipes, Sport Sill moldings, dual
conventional street wear, these exterior styling accents reflect a spirit of
front Sport Decor frames (all in matt aluminum finish), Diamond Cut 18"
independence and a belief in personal freedom.
Freja wheels and a color-coordinated rear spoiler. These assertive details
accentuate the road-hungry stance of the Volvo S60.
exterior design
EXTERIOR DESIGN Aluminum wheels
Sleipner, 8x18", Silver Bright
Njord, 8x17", Silver Bright
Balder, 7x17", Silver Stone
(standard T6, optional T5)
(optional T6, T5)
(standard T5)
ACCESSORY Aluminum wheels
Freja, 8x18", Diamond Cut/Dark Grey Matt finish
Freja, 8x18", Diamond cut/Light Grey finish
(retailer installed accessory)
(retailer installed accessory)
Leather-clad Sport steering wheel,
Leather-clad gearknob, Charcoal
Shimmer Graphite Aluminum trim (standard)
Urbane Wood (optional)
Charcoal with Silk Metal inlay
T-Tec/textile, Softbeige in Sandstone Beige interior, 3612, (Standard T5)
T-Tec/textile, Charcoal in Anthracite Black interior, 3601, (Standard T5)
Leather, Offblack in Anthracite Black interior, 3101
Leather, Softbeige in Sandstone Beige interior, 3112
(Standard T6, T5 Premier Trim level)
(Standard T6, T5 Premier Trim Level)
Leather, Beechwood/Offblack in Anthracite Black interior, 3103
Leather, Softbeige/Offblack in Anthracite Black interior, 3102
(Standard T6, T5 Premier Trim Level)
(Standard T6, T5 Premier Trim Level)
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist and Distance Alert
Collision Warning and Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake
Driver Alert Control (DAC)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)
Active dual xenon headlamps
SAFETY Preventive
Blind Spot information System (BLIS) (optional)
BLIS uses rear-facing cameras installed in the door mirrors to
keep a lookout on either side of the car. As a vehicle enters your
S60 Technology Package
will alert you to act with a flashing red warning light on the
Adding to both your safety margins and the driving experience,
windscreen along with an audible alarm. Moreover, this
blind spot, this function can alert you with a lamp built in to the
front door post - left or right. Together with the door mirrors, this
some of Volvos most advanced safety drivers support
technology supports driver-initiated braking by pre-charging
innovations are available in this comprehensive package.
the brakes to quickly prepare for panic braking and help
helps you assess the feasibility of a lane change. BLIS is
activated once the car exceeds 6 mph, and reacts to almost
Among many things, this includes groundbreaking technology
shorten the reaction time. If you dont react to the warning and
to help avoid collisions, detect pedestrians and alert a
a collision is imminent, the car immediately brakes with full
any type of vehicle from a motorcycle upwards, day or night.
distracted driver.
braking force.
City Safety
The Technology Package contains the following features:
* Included in the optional Technology Package
City Safety collision avoidance technology is a Volvo world-first
standard feature for safer urban driving. At speeds up
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist and Distance
Driver Alert Control (DAC)*
Alert, Collision Warning and Pedestrian Detection with Full
to 31 mph, this laser-based technology can sense if a vehicle
Up to 90% of all traffic accidents are caused by driver
in front within 20-26 feet is at a standstill or is moving slower.
Auto Brake, Driver Alert Control (DAC), Lane Departure
distraction. Driver Alert Control is a unique technology that can
Warning (LDW), Road Sign Information (RSI), Active High
If City Safety senses an impending collision, the brakes are
help alert a tired or distracted driver at speeds over
pre-charged to act faster on your response. And if you dont
Beam (AHB).
40 mph. Using signals from a digital camera to monitor the
brake, City Safety automatically applies the brakes and
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist
road ahead along with data from steering wheel movements,
switches off the throttle to help mitigate the effects of a
and Distance Alert*
DAC can compare erratic behaviour to your normal driving
collision. And if the speed difference between your car and the
Helping the driver to keep a safe distance from vehicles in
style. A level indicator helps you keep an eye on your alertness
vehicle in front is 9 mph or less, City Safety can even help you
front at all speeds up to 125 mph, this third generation ACC is
status. If DAC detects that your driving behaviour shows signs
avoid a collision. City Safety is activated when you start the car.
a supportive partner for a more relaxed driving experience on
of drowsiness or distraction, you receive an audible warning. At
any journey. In slow moving city traffic up to 18 mph, the new
the same time, a message is displayed in the instrument panel
Active dual xenon headlamps*
suggesting it might be time for a break.
Compared to conventional halogen headlamps, Active Bending
Queue Assist function automatically adapts your speed to the
vehicle in front. From standstill, a press of a button or the
Lights use Dual Xenon technology to expand your vision range
* Included in the optional Technology Package
by about 230%. This means youll be helped to gain 150 feet
accelerator is all it takes to make your car smoothly tail the
vehicle in front. At speeds over 18 mph, just select the desired
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)*
more for braking. And using motorised lamps that turn up to
At speeds over 40 mph, Lane Departure Warning can help
15° in either direction, this technology gives a 90% boost to
speed and the minimum time gap to the vehicle in front. When
the radar sensor detects a slower vehicle in front, the speed
prevent single-vehicle road departures as well as collisions
your vision round bends at night. You can enjoy highly effective
caused by temporary distraction. This function uses the digital
low beam illumination on narrow, winding roads and extremely
automatically adapts to that vehicle. And when the road is
clear, the car resumes the selected speed. If ACC is
camera to register the lane markings and help monitor the cars
powerful full beams on the motorway. A daylight sensor
position on the road. If you weave out of your lane, LDW will alert
disengages the adaptive function during daytime. Independent
disengaged and a vehicle in front comes too close, Distance
Alert activates a red warning light in the lower section of the
with an audible signal. If you intentionally cross a lane marker
of the load, these headlights self-adjust to maintain the correct
using the direction indicators, LDW is not activated.
angle to the road - even during hard acceleration or braking.
windscreen to help you keep a proper distance.
* Included in the optional Technology Package
* Included in the optional Technology Package
* Included in T5 and T6 Premier Plus trim level.
Standard on R-DESIGN
Road Sign Information (RSI)*
Collision Warning and Pedestrian Detection with
Full Auto Brake*
With RSI you dont have to miss important road signs. A forward
Anti-locking brakes with Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA)
camera detects speed limit and "no overtaking" signs. The actual
Statistics show that in 50% of the rear end collisions the
and Ready Alert Brakes (RAB)
causing driver doesnt brake at all. Active in all speeds above
sign is then displayed in the driver information module to help keep
Generously dimensioned anti-locking disc brakes and
you constantly updated on current limitations. If you want, RSI
2.5 mph, this third generation collision avoidance technology
optimized hydraulics help to ensure a short stopping distance
can warn you if youre too close to a vehicle in front or if there
can also alert with a visual warning if you exceed the speed limit.
in all situations. Furthermore, they withstand tough use
are pedestrians in your path. If you dont react and a collision is
* Included in the optional Technology Package
without fading. Hydraulic Brake Assist helps you use your
imminent, full auto-braking is engaged to help you avoid or
brakes to the full in an emergency situation, while Ready Alert
Active High Beam (AHB)*
mitigate an impact. Within a range of 500 feet, a radar sensor
Brakes anticipate severe braking and prepare for it by moving
Active High Beam enhances both convenience and safety
behind the grille and a digital camera behind the windscreen
the brake pads closer to the discs. Fading Brake Support
when you drive in the dark. Employing camera technology,
continuously monitor the distance to the vehicle driving in front
automatically compensates for the higher pedal forces
AHB recognizes the headlight beam of on-coming vehicles
of you. During daylight it can also detect standing or moving
required after long periods of heavy braking. Electronic Brake
and automatically shifts between low and high beam to
pedestrians. If a pedestrian unexpectedly steps out in front of
Distribution distributes the braking effect between the front
optimise your vision without dazzling other drivers.
your car or if a vehicle suddenly brakes (or is stationary) and
and rear wheels to achieve optimal results according to load
Collision Warning senses that a collision is likely to happen, it
* Included in the optional Technology Package
and driving conditions.
Your car is locked.
Your car is unlocked.
Press here to
see the actual
status of your
car (within a
range of 300
ft) or the cars
The alarm
status when
has been
you left it
(outside the
Remove mini-key to lock storage
Volvos interactive safety technologies
Keyless Drive with Personal Car Communicator (PCC)
Restraint technologies
Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)
Power retractable door mirrors with ground lighting
(Retractable function only with BLIS option)
SAFETY Security
Keyless Drive with Personal Car Communicator (PCC)*
SAFETY Protective
PCC is an advanced remote control that combines keyless
drive with two-way communication with your Volvo. Keep the
Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)
PCC with you and the car unlocks automatically as you pull the
In a Volvo, safety is about interaction. Because its not the
Integrated in the front seats, Volvos WHIPS cradles the
door handle. Start the engine by pressing a button on the dash,
number of safety features that determines how safe a car is.
occupant to help reduce the risk of whiplash injury (one of the
lock the car by pressing a button in the door handle. Later in
Its how well they seamlessly interact to help keep the
most common types of traffic injury and often the result of a
the day, if youre wondering whether youve locked the car,
occupants out of harms way.
low-speed rear impact collision). The function is activated by a
PCC can tell; no matter where you are. On your return to the
collision of sufficient force from behind. Independent research
IN A FRONTAL COLLISION the patented frontal structure
car - within a radius of 197 to 328 feet - pressing the PCC
has shown that WHIPS is one of the most effective systems in
will yield to help absorb and disperse crash energy. The
information button will give you a current report on its lock
the world and can reduce the risk of long-term injuries by 50%.
compact power train is designed to help optimise deformation.
and alarm status.
Inside the car, safety belts interact with the collapsible steering
Pre-prepared restraints
* Included in T5 Premier and Premier Plus trim level.
column and dual-stage airbags to help keep the occupants out
The restraint technologies of your Volvo are designed to help
Standard on T6 and R-DESIGN.
of harms way. Pre-prepared restraints - a unique Volvo
provide maximum protection while minimising strain on the
technology - help optimise the various restraint systems for
Private locking
occupants. Using new technology including a windscreen
expected crash force.
Private Locking is a function that allows you to keep the
laser-sensor, this standard safety feature continuously
luggage and glove compartment locked even when you lend
monitors objects in front of the car at all speeds. This makes it
IN A ROLL-OVER the robust safety cage and the reinforced
out your key or Personal Car Communicator. To activate Private
possible to prepare and adapt the safety belts and airbags for
roof structure together with the safety belts and belt pre-
Locking, a miniature key incorporated within the remote control
expected crash force and thus help optimise protection in a
tensioners will help protect the occupants. If the car first has
is used to lock the glove compartment and boot lid. This stops
low or mid-severe frontal collision.
been hit from the side, the Inflatable Curtain (IC) deploys to
both compartments from being unlocked with the central
help provide head protection.
Side Impact Protection System (SIPS)
locking remote control, but allows the central locking system
SIPS is a Volvo unique safety system that has been developed
and ignition to be used as normal.
IN A SIDE IMPACT Volvos unique Side Impact Protection
to help protect where occupants are most exposed to the crash
System (SIPS) helps distribute the crash forces across the
Approach and Home Safe Lighting
forces. The steel framework of the car - including the front
cars body, away from the occupants. The side airbags in the
Activated with the remote control or Personal Car
seats - is designed and reinforced to help displace the impact
front seats help protect the chest and hip, while the Inflatable
Communicator, Approach Lighting provides a warm reception
of a side-collision away from the occupants to other parts of
Curtain (IC) adds head protection.
on a dark night. This consists of interior and side lights -
the car body and help prevent intrusion into the cabin. The
ground lighting too, if you choose it. Home Safe Lighting is
IN A REAR IMPACT the rear deformation zones will help
extremely strong side structure contains ultra-high strength
activated with the headlight stalk as you leave the car and it
absorb crash energy. The fuel tank is designed to remain well
steel to help withstand a severe side impact - even with a
provides a similar courtesy when exiting your car. This feature
protected in front of the rear axle. The head restraints help
larger vehicle. The Inflatable Curtain (IC) for all the outboard
includes a dipped beam from the headlight to accompany you
protect the neck and spine, and Volvos unique Whiplash
occupants and the front seat side airbags interact to help
to your door.
Protection System (WHIPS) cradles the front seat occupants
provide further protection.
in a controlled manner to help prevent whiplash injuries.
Power retractable door mirrors with ground lighting
Energy-absorbing frontal structure
At the touch of a button, these door mirrors can be folded
Restraint technologies
In developing this Volvos protective qualities, we have focused
flat against the car where they are less likely to get damaged
In a collision, Volvos restraint technologies interact to help
on frontal collisions at both higher speeds and with heavier
after youve parked. They can also be set to fold or unfold
reduce the impact. The safety belts with pre-tensioners
vehicles. The patented frontal structure with its sizeable
automatically every time you lock or unlock the car. The
activate within a few thousandths of a second in the event of
deformation zones in different kinds of steel will yield to help
integrated ground lighting is activated with the remote control
a collision and tighten the belt to help keep the occupants
absorb crash energy. The compact power train is designed to
or with the PCC. Beyond enhancing security to and from your
securely restrained. The front seat safety belts then release
help optimise deformation. The unique geometry of the frontal
car at night, this is also convenient when getting in and out
a little so that the driver and passenger are cushioned by the
structure and longitudinal steel struts in the doors help
(requires BLIS). And to facilitate parking, the door mirror on
airbags in a controlled manner. Helping to optimise protection,
disperse crash energy away from the front to the rear of the
the passenger side can tilt automatically when reversing.
the dual-stage airbags adapt the level of inflation depending
car, further helping to reduce the strain on the occupants. A
on the force of the collision. The drivers airbag also interacts
steel cross-member under the dashboard further helps keep
with the deformation of the collapsible steering column.
the cabin intact.
With buttons integrated in the sun visor, HomeLink® allows you
to operate remote controlled home appliances - such as garage
Side airbags in the front seats help reduce the risk of serious
Pedestrian protection
door, home alarm and exterior lighting - without leaving the car.
injuries in a side collision. The Inflatable Curtain (IC) helps
To help reduce the risk of serious injuries on unprotected
protect the heads of both front and rear outboard occupants.
road-users, the front of the vehicle is gently rounded, the
* Included in T5 and T6 Premier Plus trim level, standard on R-DESIGN
It also stays inflated for some seconds to provide prolonged
headlamps are integrated flush with the body, and the bonnet
HomeLink is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls Technology
protection for subsequent impacts.
is energy-absorbing to act as a crumple zone.
Integrated coat
Power front seats
Electronic Climate Control (ECC)
Front pocket
Sport Seats
Power glass moonroof
Front center armrest, multifunctional
Rear center armrest
COMFORT Sport seats
Power front Sport seats
Find your perfect driving position with push-button ease. The
ensure that the air you breathe in the car is cleaner than that
drivers seat also incorporates a memory function that stores
outside when driving in heavy city traffic and tunnels. Included
three separate seat and door mirror settings connected to a
in the optional Climate Package.
specific remote control - a feature thats appreciated when the
Power glass sunroof
car has several drivers. A power passenger seat is standard on
This makes the interior feel extra light and airy. It opens and
T6 and R-design and optional on T5.
closes at the touch of a button. If the sun is too strong, just
Heated seats, front
close the built-in sunshade. The sunroof can also be closed
SAFETY Security
Adjustable in three settings, heated seats for the driver and
together with the side windows using the central locking
front seat passenger add to comfort on those cold mornings.
remote control. Included in the T5 Premier trim level, standard
Remote-controlled central locking
Included in the optional Climate Package.
on T6 and R-DESIGN.
A touch of a button on the remote locks or unlocks the doors
and trunk lid. Use the personal settings menu to decide if the
remote unlocks the drivers door first or all doors together.
Automatic door locking
Electronic Climate Control (ECC)
Front center armrest, multifunctional
To further enhance your personal security, the doors can be
Electronic Climate Control (ECC) maintains the cabin
The central aisle of the cabin incorporates several facilities.
set in the information menu to automatically lock the moment
temperature you choose and can be set independently for the
Two cup holders are concealed by a roll-top cover. Theres a
you drive away. Alternatively, lock them swiftly from the front
driver and front passenger. Furthing contributing to your health
handy storage space beneath the armrest, and special
seats using the lock button. Lock buttons are also available for
and comfort, Volvos unique humidity sensor helps ensure cabin
recesses for small items. Folding back the upper part of the
the rear seat passengers.
air has an appropriate level of humidity according to the
armrest will provide a convenient table for the rear seat
outside climate.
passengers. The armrest also features an AUX input and -
Remote-controlled alarm
depending on your choice of audio system - a USB port to
The alarm is connected to the doors, trunk, hood and ignition.
Interior Air Quality System (IAQS)
connect your MP3/iPod® player to the cars audio system.
It also reacts to movement inside the car or the breaking of
Volvos IAQS continuously monitors incoming air and will, if
a window. A level sensor can be added to deter thieves from
necessary, temporarily close external air vents to shut out
Rear center armrest
jacking up the car and stealing your wheels. And in an
carbon monoxide, ground-level ozone and nitrogen dioxide.
Folded down, the rear center armrest will increase comfort
emergency situation, the panic button on the remote control
Meanwhile, an active carbon filter protects the occupants from
and provide the rear seat passengers with cup holders and
or on the PCC allows you to trigger the alarm for help.
other harmful gases and unpleasant odours. This helps to
smart storage.
Rear Park Assist Camera
Front Blind View Camera
Volvo Sensus
Volvo Navigation System
Bluetooth® handsfree system
Power foldable rear head restraints
Portable Navigation System
Tech & Sound
TECH & SOUND Drivers Support
Volvo Sensus
Power foldable rear head restraints
Volvos driver control interface allows you to conveniently
Perfect for improving rear visibility when reversing, these are
Bluetooth® handsfree system with streaming audio
explore the hi-tech features of your car and personalize
activated by the touch of a button from the drivers seat. The
Bluetooth® technology enables a mobile phone to be
them to suit your needs. All information is diplayed in a
head restraints fold forwards so that rear-seat passengers
connected to the infotainment system in your Volvo, wirelessly.
high resolution 7-inch color screen. A push of the MY CAR
notice and raise them again when entering the car.
Once configured for a mobile phone, the system automatically
button in the center console gives you access to all system
recognizes your phone as you enter the car. And as you climb
Rain sensor with tunnel detection
settings like City Safety, ACC, Collision Warning, Pedestrian
in and out of the car, the system automatically allows you to
Once activated, the rain sensor can start the windscreen
Detection, Driver Alert System, BLIS, light, door mirrors,
switch freely from the phone to the handsfree system and back
wipers as soon as it begins to rain or if water splashes onto
climate, central locking and audio. The display also shows
again. The audio systems High Performance Premium Sound
the windscreen. For your convenience, it can also automatically
the RTI navigation system, phone, park assist camera
include an integrated Bluetooth® handsfree system, allowing
adapt the intermittent windscreen-wiper function. Its sensitivity
and DVD. Everything is conveniently controlled using the
you to conveniently operate your phone using the buttons in
can be adjusted via a ring on the wiper stalk. And as you
ergonomic steering wheel controls - so you can keep your
the steering wheel or the center console keypad. Phone
enter a tunnel in daylight, the sensor will activate your cars
attention on the traffic and your hands on the steering wheel.
information is shown in the center console multi media display.
headlamps and turn them off when exiting the tunnel.
And if youve choosen navigation system, you can make your
Park assist, rear and front*
Automatically dimmed inner rear-view mirror*
calls using voice control. Whats more, you can stream high
Activated when you engage reverse gear, rear park assist helps
This is a mirror that automatically adjusts itself to deflect the
quality audio from a media player and listen to it through the
you when reversing into tight spaces. The audio system is
headlamp beams of the car behind you. When theres no light
cars audio system.
turned down and a pulsating sound from the rear loudspeakers
to dazzle you, it automatically readjusts to its normal setting.
becomes a continuous tone as you approach an obstacle.
The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth
This can be supplemented with an integrated compass.
SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Volvo Car Corporation is
Front park assist performs a similar function at the front of the
under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of
* Standard on T6 and R-DESIGN, included in T5 Premier trim level.
vehicle - alerting you via the front loudspeakers. The remaining
their respective owners.
distance is also shown on the audio display. Also available as
Power parking brake
Portable navigation System*
a retailer installed accessory.
The Power Parking Brake (PPB) makes moving off from steep
Navigate with style and ease. This new ultra-thin versatile
* Included in T5 and T6 Premier Plus trim level
gradients easier. Once depressed, the PPB control lever
Garmin nüvi 3790 navigation unit integrates smoothly with the
automatically releases as the car pulls away.
design of your Volvo. Just fit it into the docking unit at the
Park assist camera*
windscreen pillar. Find the shortest, fastest or most fuel-saving
To further improve your convenience when reversing, the Park
route - voice recognition control and convenient multi-touch
Assist Camera helps display whats going on behind your car.
TECH & SOUND Communication
glass screen technology facilitates operation. Just keep your
The system uses the integrated drivers information screen
hands on the steering wheel and the system will act upon your
and a digital camera discretely located over the license plate.
Volvo Navigation System*
spoken commands. Major buildings and points of intererest are
On-screen guiding lines provide extra assistance for smooth
Volvos navigation system is totally integrated with your car. It
displayed in 3D to enhance your overview, and in junctions
parking. Also available as a retailer installed accessory.
offers both voice guidance and graphic navigation all the way
youre conveniently guided to the right lane at the right time.
* Inlcuded in the T5, T6 and R-DESIGN Platinum trim level
to your destination. Via TMC (Traffic Message Channel) radio
Using Traffic Message Channel (TMC) radio data technology,
data broadcastsalso lets you know if theres weather-related
the navigation system will let you know if there are traffic
Front Blind View Camera*
trouble on route and recommends an alternative. The system
disturbances on route and recommend an alternative. The
Allowing you to see around corners, this new camera is located
utilizes the integrated full color high resolution 7-inch drivers
system also features Bluetooth® handsfree phone technology
in the grille to give you a 180° field of vision of the area in front
information display and is easily controlled from the steering
and FM transmitter. And the navigation unit is easy to use
of your car. Activate the camera with a push of a button, and
wheel - you can keep both hands on the steering wheel and
outside the car - it even remembers where you parked your
youll get a split-image view in the 7-inch integrated drivers
your attention on traffic. You can also set your destination
car. Maps covering major parts of Europe are stored in memory.
information screen. Very convenient in tight exits with limited
using voice control.
visibility and while parking.
nüvi is a trademark of Garmin Ltd.
* Included in the Platinum trim level. Also available as a retailer installed
* Retailer installed accessory
accessory (requires accessory prep cable 000445)
* Retailer installed accessory
Rear Seat entertainment (RSE) with dual DVD players
High Performance Multi Media system
Premium Sound Multi Media system
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
Two-split 60/40 rear seat
Foldable front seat backrest
Luggage compartment mat, textile
Roof load carrying system
Pack & Load
PACK & LOAD Compartment
Split 60/40 rear seat
Ergonomically designed rear seats provide generous support
for the body during long journeys. When a journey includes
both cargo and passengers, just fold down part or all of the
split rear seat.
Foldable front seat backrest
To help you carry long objects inside your Volvo, the front
TECH & SOUND Audio/Entertainment
passenger seat backrest can be conveniently folded flat.
MP3 compatibility
Net pockets
loudspeakers and MultEQ sound processor technology by
There are a number of ways to enjoy MP3 music files in your
These three elastic net pockets provide practical storage for
Audyssey Laboratories that optimises the sound reproduction
Volvo. The CD player is compatible with various audio media
small items on the front passenger side of the tunnel console
for the interior acoustics. Dolby® Pro Logic® II surround sound
formats. If youd like to connect your personal MP3 player to
and along both side panels in the luggage compartment.
helps tailor a well-balanced audio experience for each
the audio system, theres a standard auxiliary audio input in the
occupant. And to give you access to advanced in-car
Luggage compartment mat, textile*
front center armrest. Volume is conveniently controlled from
entertainment, communication and navigation technology, this
This elegant textile mat allows you to maintain the attractive
the steering wheel, center console or rear seat audio console.
system also connects with most media formats and players and
appearance of the luggage compartment even if you
Theres also a USB port that allows you to fully integrate your
features an integrated 7" screen.
occasionally transport dirty loads. Reversible and waterproof,
iPod®, MP3 player or USB device with the audio system.
Dolby, Pro Logic, and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of
with color-keyed textile on one side and plastic on the other.
Playlists, songs and artists are clearly displayed in the center
Dolby Laboratories.
console, while your player will be charged at the same time.
* Retailer installed accessory
Premium Sound loudspeakers
iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc.
Rear seat cover*
The twelve high-end loudspeakers in the Premium Sound
To use the rear seat space as an extra loading area, theres
Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) with dual DVD players
system are powered by a 5x130 W digital amplifier. There are
a durable seat cover specially designed for your Volvo.
For more fun on long journeys, this easy-to-use system will
three separate drivers - woofer, midrange and tweeter - in
Quickly fitted, this helps protect the upholstery if you need
entertain for hours. There are dual DVD players and dual
each front door. In the rear doors there is a similar set-up. Each
to carry a messy load. Its also useful if you need to collect
7-inch screens smartly integrated in the front head restraints.
speaker has its own crossover filter to harmonise with the
a pet or a passenger wearing dirty clothes - safety belts
Each DVD player is conveniently operated by a rear seat
others. The latest generation Dolby® Pro Logic® II surround
remain operational.
passenger. The passsengers can see the same movie or play
sound uses the center loudspeakers (woofer and tweeter) and
the same game on both screens, or choose to view a film on
a sound processor to recreate authentic sound with a strong
* Retailer installed accessory
one screen and play games on the other. Sound is provided via
sense of presence for everyone in the car. The digital class D
the cars audio system or wireless headphones.
amplifier features new technology to provide extremely high
PACK & LOAD Carriers
efficiency, enabling it to generate the most audio power from
High Performance system
the least amount of current.
This is a powerful and versatile 4x40 W audio system featuring
Roof load carrying system*
advanced media technology such as Bluetooth® and USB/iPod®
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
To help you fully utilize the roof of your Volvo, weve developed
connectivity. Each of the 8 loudspeakers is fitted with a powerful
Imagine driving along hearing the music you want, without
a range of versatile load carrying accessories. This system
magnet and a large coil. In combination with the amplifier, this
having to flip through commercials, fumble with CDs or manage
is dimensioned to carry up to 220 lb. The factory-fitted
system gives excellent transient reproduction and high power
a playlist. Imagine hearing play-by-play action of your favorite
attachment points in the cars roof make the load carriers easy
- simply superb sound. This audio level provides an full 7
team, no matter where you are. Or having channels and channels
to fit. Various load accessories - such as roof boxes and
integrated color screen. Bluetooth® with streaming audio
of comedy, talk, news, entertainment, family programming and
different holders for bikes, skis, surfboards and kayaks - can
and USB/iPod® connectivity further adds to the versatility
more. Now Imagine having all of this, coast-to-coast, wherever
be attached to the load carriers to meet your needs. These
of this system.
you drive. This is the world of SiriusXM. Each Volvo equipped
accessories can be freely combined for flexibility and many are
with Satellite radio includes a 6-month trial subscription to the
aerodynamically designed to help reduce fuel consumption and
Premium Sound system
"Sirius Select" package.
wind noise. And most of them can be locked with the same key,
We designed this top-of-the line audio and infotainment
using Volvos One-Key System.
system to give you a superior listening and communication
experience. This 650 W system features twelve high-fidelity
* Retailer installed accessory
Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC)
Four-C Active Chassis (Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept)
All-wheel drive with Instant Traction™
(Optional T6)
(Standard T6 and T6 R-DESIGN, optional T5)
Six-speed Automatic Geartronic transmission
with Sport Mode
Four-C Active Chassis (Continuously Controlled
The six-speed Geartronic offers three distinct settings that
Chassis Concep)*
allow you to engage in the driving experience at different
The optional Four-C active chassis provides a choice of three
levels. Fully Automatic with adaptive shift logic, Sport Mode
distinctive driving modes - Comfort, Sport or Advanced.
with sharper throttle response and higher RPM shift points
Whichever you choose, this technology monitors the car, road
and Geartronic which provides manual up/down shifting
and driver 500 times per second, simultaneously adjusting
capabilities. In addition, a special Winter setting helps to
each shock absorber to maintain optimal handling. At the heart
move the car in slippery conditions like snow.
of Four-C is Volvos semi-active suspension with continuously
PERFORMANCE Chassis/Steering
controlled Monroe-Öhlins shock absorbers. Furthermore,
All-wheel drive with Instant Traction™*
Four-C interacts with the DSTC system, engine, brakes and
The advanced Haldex AWD technology with Instant Traction™
Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) with
steering to promote your chosen handling style.
helps increase driving stability and traction on all road surfaces.
Sport mode, Advanced stability control, traction
* Optional on T6
It has an electronic management system that constantly
control through torque Vectoring
monitors the speed of the wheels, the throttle, engine torque,
By helping prevent spinouts and rollovers, stability control
Comfort This chassis mode isolates the cars occupants from
engine speed and the brakes. As driving conditions change,
technology like DSTC has been described as one of the
irregularities in the road surface. This setting prioritizes flexible
wheels with the best grip get the most power which helps to
most vital safety advances of the past decade. And with
dampening for smooth and gentle body movement and
minimize oversteer and understeer for better chassis balance
the advanced features in this Volvo, it will probably also
exceptional comfort. Its ideal for slippery or uneven roads.
and handling.
be perceived as one of the most important fun-to-drive
Sport For a sportier experience, this setting prioritizes slightly
* Standard on T6, T6 R-DESIGN, optional on T5.
innovations. At the core of DSTC, sensors register the cars
stiffer dampening and acts faster. This results in more decisive
direction and roll rate. The system compares this with steering
body movement, precise handling and good ride comfort.
wheel movements as well as the actual rotation of the cars
Perfect for active driving.
wheels. DSTC is able to detect a potential skid and help
counteract one by reducing the engines power output, or
Advanced This is the high performance mode. This setting
T6 AWD, six-cylinder turbocharged engine
braking on one or more wheels. It also prevents locking
stiffens the shock absorbers for maximum road contact
300 hp, 325 lb/ft torque T6 AWD
wheels caused by engine brake.
- directly communicating the road surface to the driver.
325 hp, 354 lb/ft torque T6 R-DESIGN AWD
Prioritizing immediate feedback rather than comfort, the
This sporty in-line 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine meets high
The new Advanced Stability Control function feaures a roll rate
advanced setting increases the range of driving dynamics.
expectations for performance, comfort and environmental
gyroscope and acceleration sensor to detect slowly built up
care. The twin-scroll turbo delivers immediate response at
skids at an early stage and compensate this with greater
Speed dependent steering*
all revs. Fuel saving technology such as brake energy
precision. As driver, youll experience this as added stability in
Speed dependent and progressive power steering uses
regeneration and reduced internal friction contribute to lower
dynamic driving where the car is exposed to high lateral forces.
sophisticated, speed-sensitive technology to regulate the
CO2 emissions greater fuel economy and more power. This
Corner Traction Control with Torque Vectoring balances the
amount of power assistance a driver needs. At high-way
engines compact design aids safety performance in a frontal
torque between the front wheels during acceleration while
speeds, steering is firmer and more immediate. When parking
collision. The latest generation of fast response emission
cornering. This reduces understeer when cornering at higher
or in slow traffic, steering is light and effortless. Theres a
control technology ensures that the engine complies with
speeds and makes the car even more dynamic - like when you
choice of three settings allowing you to choose a suitable level
stringent environmental standards such as Euro 5/ULEV2.
turn onto a main road to catch up with the traffic flow.
of road feel or steering sensitivity.
Acceleration: (0-60 T6: 5.8 sec, T6 R-Design: 5.5 sec)
* Standard on T6
Touring chassis (T5)
T5, five-cylinder turbocharged engine (250 hp)
Volvos chassis engineers spent thousands of hours on all
We designed this 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo engine to
kinds of roads to create a chassis that satisfies even the most
PERFORMANCE Transmission
maximize both performance and fuel economy. Matching
demanding driver. Every single detail of the chassis is optimally
perfectly with the sporty soul of the S60, this sophisticated
tuned for sporty and well-balanced handling with a high level
Brake energy regeneration
power plant will take you from 0 to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds.
of comfort. For you as driver, advanced multi-link rear and
To further optimize fuel efficiency and performance in all
And having access to an impressive 266 ft/lb of torque already
McPherson spring strut front suspension mounted on a rigid
driving conditions, all engines feature Volvos intelligent brake
from 1,800 revs (plus maximum over-boost to 295 lb/ ft),
body with a low center of gravity translate into a feeling of
kinetic energy regeneration. As soon as you brake or release
youll accelerate effortlessly in a wide range of situations.
being in command and in safe control.
the accelerator while a gear is engaged, the alternator
Continuously Variable Valve Timing for both inlet and exhaust
Dynamic Chassis (T6)
harnesses the cars kinetic energy and feeds it into the battery
valves (dual CVVT) promotes a quick engine response and a
The Dynamic chassis includes revised bushings, dampers and
to reduce fuel consumption with an extra 2-3%. And when you
continuous flow of power. Together with advanced emission
sway bars that offer a higher level of vehicle response and
accelerate, the alternator decouples to free the engine for
control technology, the dual CVVT also contributes to cleaner
driving enjoyment.
maximum performance when you need it.
exhaust emissions under all driving conditions.
Taking care of your ownership needs.
Special offers are available to finance or lease your new Volvo
} 2^\_[X\T]cPah B^UcfPaT D_SPcTb SdaX]V P bRWTSd[TS
Can you think of a better way of traveling overseas and making
product. Whether you are looking for the convenience of a lease
maintenance visit. New software required as part of repair or
your souvenir part of an unforgettable experience? If you
or the pride of owning your Volvo vehicle, our nationwide network
accessory installation is not included
would like to know more, contact your local Volvo retailer,
of retailers and authorized financial service providers are ready
our Customer Care Center (800) 631-1667, or visit
} 2^\_[X\T]cPah ETWXR[T 3XPV]^bcXRb XU h^da E^[e^ WPb P {RWTRZ
to assist you with all your financing needs. please contact your
engine" lamp or other warning indicator illuminated. Up to an
local retailer for details.
hour of computer diagnostics
} B_TRXP[ SXbR^d]cTS >] 2P[[ 0SeP]cPVT A^PSbXST 0bbXbcP]RT
On Call roadside assistance.
pricing. Visit your retailer for enrollment form
Whenever you need us, were just a phone call away. Our
Sometimes life abroad offers exceptional benefits. Such as buying
nationwide network of retailers and authorized service providers
Volvo mobility program.
are ready to assist. Whether you require roadside assistance or
a new tailor-made Volvo on very special and rewarding terms.
The goal of the Volvo Mobility Program is to assist persons
Whether you are traveling for pleasure or are in a professional,
maps and routing information for your next trip, refer to your On
with physical disabilities or hearing impairment. For those with
Call Card and dial 1-800-63-VOLVO - anytime, day or night. Your
diplomatic or military post outside your home country, turn to Volvo
exceptional transportation needs, this can be facilitated within
for a great deal. For US Military personnel posted overseas our
complimentary four-year membership activates the moment you
the extraordinary comfort and safety of a specially adapted Volvo.
become a Volvo owner.
authorized military agents outside the US offer:
For additional information on this program, please contact the
} 6aTPc bPeX]Vb R^\_PaTS fXcW BcPcTbXST _aXRX]V
Volvo Mobility Program Headquarters at (800) 803-5222 or
Volvo new car warranty.
visit TTY users are invited to call
} ?a^UTbbX^]P[ PbbXbcP]RT fXcW P[[ [TVP[ U^a\P[XcXTb P]S _P_Taf^aZ
Your new car warranty provides comprehensive coverage for
5^da hTPa fPaaP]ch R^eTaPVT P[b^ ^dcbXST cWT DB DB P]S
five years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Additional
Canadian specifications)
warranties cover corrosion, seat belts, the supplemental restraint
Personal shopper.
} DB b_TRXUXRPcX^]b ~ QdX[c c^ \TTc [TVP[ aT`dXaT\T]cb X] P[[
system, emission systems, genuine Volvo replacement parts and
The Volvo Personal Shopper is dedicated to providing you with a
US states.
genuine Volvo accessories. Should you encounter any problem
whole new level of shopping convenience. Whether youd like help
} =^ DB X\_^ac Sdch fXcW ?2B ^aSTab U^a DB \X[XcPah _Tab^]]T[
with your Volvo, simply contact the nearest retailer for assistance.
identifying the Volvo model that best fits your lifestyle, detailed
Where your warranty ends, Volvo Increased Protection (VIP)
information on any Volvo model, or a comparison against the
taking delivery overseas.
plans begin. To purchase the additional protection of a VIP plan,
competition, Volvo is there to help. We can arrange a Guest
} 8]R[dSTS bWX__X]V
<PaX]T 8]bdaP]RT ST[XeTah c^ P]
contact your local retailer.
Drive for you at your nearest Volvo Retailer. So make the most
authorized Volvo retailer of your choice in the USA. US
of your shopping time and call the Volvo Personal Shopper at
diplomats & military personnel stationed abroad for more
Complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance.
1-800-550-5658. (U.S. only)
than 140 days & non-US diplomats (depending on status)
are normally exempted from customs import duty.
Volvo is committed to a premium ownership experience for its
3T[XeTah c^ P E^[e^ \X[XcPah PVT]c R[^bT c^ h^da QPbT ^a
customers. To further enhance your ownership experience,
Volvo Overseas Delivery offers a unique way to buy your new
assignment overseas.
all 2013 model year Volvos sold in the united states will include
custom-built car as well as a unique way to see more of Europe.
Complimentary Factory scheduled maintenance. This program
5XeT hTPab eP[XS E^[e^ 7^\T BWX_\T]c Ua^\ PdcW^aXiTS
And when youre done traveling, bring the pleasure of driving a
provides scheduled maintenance coverage for the first 5 years or
drop-off points in Europe to an authorized US Volvo retailer
Volvo back home. Purchase any new Volvo as part of the Volvo
50,000 miles, is designed to compliment your Volvo warranty, and
of your choice included.
Overseas Delivery Program and enjoy all this - and more:
will help ensure trouble free operation of your Volvo. Coverage
} <^aT cWP] ! Sa^_ ^UU _^X]cb X] 4da^_T
includes factory recommended maintenance including oil and
} 0ccaPRcXeT _aXRX]V ^] DB \^ST[b
} CWT ^_cX^] ^U E8? UPRc^ah ST[XeTah X] BfTST] ^a ST[XeTah c^
filter changes, checks and adjustments as listed in your warranty
} 0RRTbb c^ R^[^ab P]S RTacPX] UTPcdaTb ]^a\P[[h ^][h PePX[PQ[T
selected major cities in Europe.
and maintenance records Information booklet, for the first five
in Europe.
maintenance services at intervals of 10,000, 20,000, 30,000,
} CWT ^_cX^] ^U ^da b_TRXP[ 2adXbT
2^[[TRc _PRZPVT fXcW
$ SPhb ^U X]cTa]PcX^]P[ X]bdaP]RT P]S Tg_^ac aTVXbcaPcX^]
40,000 and 50,000 miles.
Stena Line ferries (German market).
Service must be performed within 1,500 miles before or after each
} CWT QT]TUXc ^U cWT E^[e^ 0bbXbcP]RT 4da^_T bRWT\T Pc ]^
} Cf^ R^\_[X\T]cPah a^d]S caX_ cXRZTcb fXcW BRP]SX]PeXP] 0Xa[X]Tb
scheduled interval. Coverage is limited to scheduled maintenance
extra cost.
(peak season surcharge may apply).
items listed in the 2013 model year Warranty and Maintenance
Taking advantage of the savings, benefits and convenience of
Records Information booklet. An authorized retailer must perform
} >]T UaTT W^cT[ ]XVWc X] 6^cWT]QdaV BfTST] cWT W^\T ^U E^[e^
Volvos international programs is easy. Volvo Cars Military Sales,
maintenance. Offer is transferable. Optional Factory Scheduled
} 0] TgRXcX]V E^[e^ 5PRc^ah C^da ^a P eXbXc c^ cWT ]Tf E^[e^ 1aP]S
Volvo Cars Diplomat Sales and Volvo Cars Expatriate Sales are
Maintenance program upgrades are also available that will allow
Experience Center.
professional and global organizations with one goal - to make
you to customize coverage to meet your driving needs. See your
} 0] TgR[dbXeT E8? ST[XeTah Tg_TaXT]RT Pc cWT E^[e^ 5PRc^ah
it advantageous and convenient for you to buy your new car
Volvo retailer for details.
when living abroad.
Delivery Center.
} CWT ^__^acd]Xch c^ Tg_[^aT 4da^_T X] cWT R^\U^ac P]S bPUTch ^U
Volvo service for life.
While in the us, Military personnel with PCS orders, Diplomats
Taking the concept of service to a new level.
your own Volvo, either with one of our spectacular tours or on
& Expatriates please contact your local Volvo retailer,
your own.
} Cf^ hTPa ?Pacb FPaaP]ch 8]R[dSX]V cWT [PQ^a fWT] cWThzaT
or our Customer Care Center (800) 631-1667 or visit
} 4gcT]bXeT R^\_[X\T]cPah W^\T bWX_\T]c bTaeXRTb 9dbc [TPeT
installed at an authorized Volvo retailer
your car with us. Well ship it to you the convenient way while
you relax and enjoy your complimentary flight back home.
Welcome to the club.
The Volvo s60 Merchandise Collection.
This smart collection of lifestyle accessories captures the driving spirit of your new Volvo and reflects the best of
modern Scandinavian design. The signature items below are a select few. Find more keepsakes, gifts and apparel
at your local Volvo showroom and at
Silver diamond tumbler
Fossil grey dial watch
Vintage crew sweatshirt
Portable speaker case
Barriga dome keyring
Workzone lunch cooler
Black barrel ceramic mug
Organic black T-shirt
volvo S60
Design the Volvo
thats really you at
Specifications, features, and equipment shown in this catalog are based upon the latest information available at the time of publication. Volvo Cars of North America,
LLC reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to colors, specifications, accessories, materials, and models. For additional information, please
contact your authorized Volvo retailer. © 2012 Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. Printed in USA on 100% recyclable paper. MY13C

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