Get Started with Entune®[1]
Download the Entune® mobile app
Check your phone’s compatibility with Entune®
Visit your smartphone app store and search “Entune” to find and
Most iPhone®[2], Android™[3], and some
download the Entune® mobile app, also complimentary. The app
BlackBerry® smartphones will work with
must be installed on your phone and updated with your Entune®
Entune®. To verify compatibility, visit
Account e-mail address and password from STEP 2 in order to and provide
use Entune®.
your phone information.
Phone not included
Pair your phone[4]
Create your Entune® account
and connect Entune®
Your Entune® account creates access to
Using Bluetooth®[5] wireless technology,
your personalized Entune® apps when you
your phone must be paired to your
launch the system. To create an account,
Toyota’s multimedia system so Entune®
log on to
data can be “pulled” from the Internet
and click Account Registration/Login
through your phone to your Toyota.
located in the upper right of the screen.
Return to
Once you’ve registered you will be sent a
and after completing the compatibility
verification e-mail. Click the link embedded
guide, continue to the pairing process
in the e-mail to activate your account.
for complete pairing instructions.
Launch the Entune® mobile app[4] and go!
Link app provider accounts
Start your Toyota and launch the Entune® mobile app on your phone.
You’ll need to provide account information for,
Then, select Apps on the multimedia system and enjoy all Entune®
OpenTable® and Pandora® in order to fully use these
has to offer! Note: iPhone®[2] users may need to cable their phones to
services. You can use your existing account(s) or register
the USB port depending on the multimedia system.
for complimentary accounts at ,, or Return to
your Entune® account through
and click Link Now next to each applicable app provider. and OpenTable® available on Premium HDD Navigation with Entune®
and Display Navigation with Entune®; available soon for Display Audio with Navigation
and Entune®.
Premium HDD Navigation w/ Entune® and JBL® shown
Get Support
Setting up and using Entune® is easy. Here’s
some additional information you may find useful
when you first start using the system:
A detailed Quick Reference Guide is located
in your glove box for more information on:
1. iPhone®[2] Cabling for Display
• Entune® Registration
Audio Multimedia Systems
• Pairing a Phone Using Bluetooth®[5]
Your iPhone®[2] has the ability to pair to all
• How to Use Navigation
multimedia systems for Bluetooth®[5] hands-
free communication and streaming audio.
• How to Use Voice Recognition
However, Display Audio systems require
You’ll also find a Delivery Checklist,
your Entune® compatible iPhone®[2] to cable
which will outline the basic functions
to the multimedia system (via the USB port)
of your new Toyota.
to use Entune®. Premium HDD and Display
Navigation systems do not need the cable.
2. Data Plan Impact
Most Entune® apps and data services[6] use small amounts of data in short
Your one-stop resource for Entune® and multimedia systems
bursts, while other apps (iHeartRadio and Pandora®) stream content when “on,”
information is
and can consume more data. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, please
Experience Entune® product demonstration videos
monitor your Entune® usage to avoid incurring data charges.
mprehensive Quick Start Guide for Entune® and
iHeartRadio is available now on Premium HDD Navigation with Entune® and Display Navigation
with Entune®. iHeartRadio will be available soon at no charge on Display Audio with Navigation
ic multimedia functions
and Entune®.
rning and Support section includes detailed
and many “how-to” videos
3. Bluetooth®[5] Phone Pairing
mprehensive FAQ and Troubleshooting sections
Pairing your phone using Bluetooth®[5] allows
you to speak hands free, and to search your
phonebook using the multimedia system in addition to connecting to Entune®.
You also can stream audio! Visit and complete the
easy-to-follow steps.
On Your Smartphone
4. Pandora® Registration
To use all Pandora® functionality on the multimedia system
A mobile version of the website is available
(including adding stations, cover art, etc.), link your Pandora®
for your smartphone: learn about Entune®
account via the Entune® account rather than streaming the
and watch “how-to” videos from inside
audio signal via Bluetooth®[5]. See the other side of this guide
your Toyota!
for instructions.
Visit on your
5. Initial Entune® Update
smartphone and scroll to the bottom to
The first time you launch Entune®
access Entune® information.
the system may update with the
latest Entune® software. The
system will prompt you when the
updates are complete and will
launch the app suite automatically.
1. Be sure to obey traffic regulations and maintain awareness of road and traffic conditions. Select Entune®
apps use a large amount of data and you are responsible for all data charges. Apps and services vary
by phone and carrier. Not all apps and data services are available initially. Apps identified by “™” or
®” are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and cannot be used without
permission. See for the latest information regarding apps and services.
2. iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple is not a participant in or
sponsor of this promotion.
3. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
4. Never attempt while driving.
5. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and
any use of such marks by Toyota is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their
respective owners. The phones in this document claim to support Bluetooth® wireless technology audio
streaming. Toyota does not endorse a particular phone or substantiate the Bluetooth® wireless technology
audio streaming capability of the phones listed.
6. Data services provided by XM Data Services on Premium HDD Navigation.
MDC 00626-CRD12-CONS
Version 2 | 05.18.12

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